Cherry Blossom Forecast Japan 2015

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Cherry Blossom Forecast Japan 2015

This year’s cherry blossom forecast has seen the cherry blossoms open earlier than the average schedule in many parts of the country due to the recent warm weather in Japan.

Above average temperatures have seen the cherry blossoms reach full bloom sooner than expected in many places on the main island of Honshu.

The cherry blossom season has already ended in many major cities including Tokyo and Kyoto.

The cherry blossom front has moved northwards with the blossoms opening in the mountainous areas of central Japan and the Tohoku Region. The cherry blossom front is likely to reach Hokkaido before the end of April.

The Cherry Blossom season typically starts in January in Okinawa and sweeps up the mainland to Hokkaido in May.

The best time for viewing the cherry blossoms varies between a few days to a week from the first bloom, so don’t leave it too late to see the beautiful blossoms.

I have created a table below for the major places in Japan with the estimate start date and peak bloom of the cherry blossoms. This is only a predication and is based on weather forecasts which can be unpredictable. Please refer back to this page for regular updates and reports.

Information from the Japan Weather Association

Cherry Blossom Forecast Chart for 2015 in Japan

Updated 16th April 2015

Cherry Blossom Forecast for Japan 2015

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  • Jessica – Notes of Nomads

    Ah, on a dreary day like today I’m already dreaming of cherry blossom season! Haha Thanks for sharing!

    • Japan Travel Advice

      Thanks Jessica! They are getting closer now, so I’m really excited. Do you have any places you are planning on visiting for the cherry blossoms?

  • Amanda Ryall

    It`s always inspiring on these cold, wintery days to know that spring and cherry blossoms are not too far away! Spring can never come soon enough. ha ha. A great write-up, John.

    • Japan Travel Advice

      Thanks Amanda, I’ve been looking forward to spring for a while now. One for the warmer weather, two for the beautiful cherry blossoms. I hope you can enjoy them as well :)

  • Sylvain Guittard

    Here is an iOS app to be in the right place at the right time. Climate data, daily updates are crossed with a biological model and restored in a easy and accurate way on a map.

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      Thanks for sharing!