Kanto Travel Guide

Kanto located in the middle of Honshu is Japan’s largest plain and most densely populated area. It contains the metropolises of Tokyo and Yokohama, as well as historic places like Kamakura, Nikko and Kawagoe. The area has a great variety of places and beautiful natural scenery.


Suggested Itinerary

It is recommended that you spend at least a week in the Kanto area. You can base yourself in Tokyo with day trips to the attractions around Tokyo.

The Main Attractions of Kanto

Tokyo – Japan’s modern day capital and largest city, Tokyo has something for everyone, with lots to do and see

Yokohama – Cosmopolitan port city and Japan’s second largest city, its only a 30 minute train ride from Tokyo. Most of the sights here are within 1km of the water

Kamakura – Japan’s first feudal capital is regarded as the home of samurai culture, and is only an hour from Tokyo. It is surrounded by mountains and full of historic treasures with a large number of temples and shrines

Nikko – Has beautiful natural landscapes and some of Japan’s most renowned shrines and temples with several sacred sites. There is an old Japanese saying that goes, “You haven’t really seen beauty until you’ve seen Nikko.”

Hakone – A popular area for recreation and for a break from Tokyo, it is famous for its spectacular mountain scenery, hot springs, stunning views of Mt Fuji, and traditional ryokan inns

Kawasaki – Right between Tokyo and Yokohama and home to Nihon Minka-en open air museum

Kawagoe – A former castle town known as little Edo with beautifuly preserved Japanese buildings

Izu Hanto – The Izu Hanto peninsula is about 100km southwest of Tokyo. It is famous for its lush greenery, rugged coastline, abundant onsen and beautiful beaches