NINJA WiFi Japan Holiday Campaign

Ninja WiFiNINJA WiFi is a rental mobile WiFi router that enables you to use the internet on your smart phone or table by connecting to the local mobile phone network in Japan. NINJA WiFi is easy to use and can be used anywhere in Japan. You simply pick up the router at the airport when you arrive in Japan and return it at the airport when you leave.

In addition, smartphones and PCs can be used simultaneously by friends of family members with only one mobile WiFi router.

How to Use NINJA WiFi in Three Easy Steps

Step 1 Register by completing the application form prior to your desired pickup date. Payment is accepted by credit card.
Step 2 Choose between pickup at the airport, pickup counter or delivery.
Step 3 You can choose between return at the airport, or by return delivery.

NINJA WiFi Holiday Campaign

NINJA WiFi Japan is currently having a Special Winter Campaign for their service during the month of December. For a limited time only, they are offering Japan Travel Advice readers a special 20% discount if they order the service from our website from now until the end of December. The regular price of 900 yen per day is reduced to only 720 yen per day. A great deal for unlimited internet in Japan during your travels.

For more details about NINJA WiFi, please visit the NINJA WiFi Website

NINJA WiFi Japan Holiday Campaign

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